Oh Periscope, how we love thee. If Skinny & the Beard could write you a love song or a sappy screenplay, it would begin thusly:

“We found you one night when we had far too much to drink, and we knew that even though you were a little bit ‘in our faces’ we were all going to hit it off right away. We introduced you to our friends shortly afterwards, and when you gave us your first stream of hearts we simply knew you were the one for us.”

So it’s clear to say that Skinny & the Beard have certainly found their favourite medium of online social interaction. Our sentiments were also echoed by other ‘Scopers during an S&B live broadcast @PFaint:

“I love Periscope because I can learn about other places in the world without having to ever leave the country.”

“The potential of this thing is untapped, it can be used to so many different ends.”

“Periscope is awesome because it breaks down stereotypes, giving you a chance to have a chat with an ordinary person from any given region in the world.”

Well said ‘Scopers, well said indeed.

In fact so well said, that it got us to thinking about the different ways in which businesses (and indeed ourselves) could use the medium as a means of leveraging the interest of the public in a new and exciting way.

Only in the worlds of chat roulette and omegle have we seen the beginnings of live person-to-person broadcasting before, which ended in spectacular failure when the mummies and daddies of the world caught wind that the sites were merely more than a means of exhibitionism. However now that Twitter has managed to wrangle Periscope’s live streaming with a code of ethics, imposing strict rules against the bad stuff, we are able to achieve a level of consumer interaction the likes of which is as yet unparalleled.

Live Q and A’s to explain the functions of a product, a behind the scenes look at the latest concert series, businesses asking for firsthand reviews of their services; all in real time, with a direct ability for viewer involvement unlike most other social media apps currently on the market.

Many app reviewers and social media experts have already taken it upon themselves to find out the perfect means of Periscoping businesses, reaching the conclusion that things like live focus groups and tutorials could soon be taking the place of the more stunted ‘webinar’ type settings that companies have become very fond of.

The app is not at all stunted, inflexible or unable to reach a wide viewership if its content is set to purpose with something interesting for the audience to engage with on a personal level.

Periscope we are expecting big things from you on the business development and social media relations front, don’t let us down baby!

For a great article on 9 Ways to Use Periscope for Your Business, click here.

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