Not two days ago did Skinny & the Beard sing Facebook’s praises for being a champion of social justice in the form of supporting the marriage equality movement.

Now though, we’ve all discussed things further and chatted at length to our lovely Periscopers on the subject of Facebook’s sponsored posting, and now we’ve all found something new to be peeved about.

This conglomerate of a networking site initially began as a way to network with your friends, then a way to express your own interests and opinions in the form of pages and ‘likes,’ then a means of legitimate business advertisement with fair representation. Now through the introduction of sponsored posts, we believe the giant has ruined all its good work and shot itself square in the foot in terms of organic reach by users to the right people.

I think it’s time Skinny & the Beard had words with you Zuckerberg. Your company’s spam-inducing algorithms are killing the chances of worthy businesses to actually be seen by their interested publics. What’s more is that your sponsorship has gone so off target to actually be effective, as evidence by some disgruntled ‘Scopers from our recent S&B session:

“I would say that I’m a proud and happy agnostic, but the other day I had a sponsored advertisement come up on Facebook which was promoting the Islamic religion. I have nothing bad to say about the Muslim faith, only that it is something that I don’t wish to become a part of. It kinda goes against the whole idea about Facebook being a platform where we only see and interact with the things that we are interested in, whether those things are our friends or the pages we are genuinely interested in.”

“If the algorithm occasionally gets it right, it can still be harmful for business. You don’t want to see all this s@#! on your feed in a negative way, you want to have proper targeted ads like other sites.”

S&B are with you there, mates.

Newsfeeds have become so bombarded by Facebook’s ‘handy suggestions’ that we are now immediately inclined to look past the things that may actually be of interest to us because we disregard the format itself as spam.

This is a major issue for businesses (particularly smaller in size) who seek legitimacy in the form of Facebook advertising, yet are seeing their dollars go to waste with their public hastily trying to scroll past the other irrelevant spam – throwing a true interest before crossfire in the process.

Businesses must mature as Facebook has, knowing that now might be the right time to let go of the hope that instant viewership will be achieved through the one networking site alone.

If you throw a few spare notes towards a sponsored post for your business, I say congratulations and best of luck to you. Only keep in mind those companies with bigger pockets nine-times-out-of-ten will be getting bigger spots on the newsfeed for the simple money factor alone – no matter where they’re from or what they seek to sell.

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